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electric memory

visual download required

Promises I try to keep
Supposed to be doing homework now, but whatever.

I may or may not post a review of Final Fantasy XIII within the coming weeks, since I'd really like to try one on the public stage but there are so many other things I need to do (such as finishing my dammed RP on KHU). AHEM.

Did I mention before I had a date?

Feb.26th was amazing, since we went to the Russia House for a couple hours and had "lunch" by 3. Was raining a little, but the whole experience was fun.

Light my fire
Well, not so I get burned.

I don't know what I'm going to do in town when I go on Friday, but it's a plan to see the torch at the very least. I really want to go to the Russkiy Dom (aka Science World) but then there's the issue of my mother: she's providing me with her "list", so I assume she wants me to go shopping. Scary.

5-4-1 for us at the Olympics. The Own the Podium program should never have existed. The TV at home is tuned to it less and less these days. I JUST WANT TO SEE AERIALS.

In CoX news, Distray Zone hit 18 yesterday. I need to start recruiting more for my Triumph SG, though. It's lonesome by myself.

Now it's official
Bilodeau is a Canadian hero. Hopefully, the rest of the team has some gold production left in them.

Temporarily famous
I was on the news last night. :>

Anyway, I went to see some of the Olympics training camp yesterday and got the entire Japanese speedskating team to autograph a sheet. Someone did one better and got a shirt done up, but I'm happy.
And then there were Russians.

Torch relay passes on Sunday.

Off course!
Cybercookie for whoever gets the reference in the title, prolly a free gift icon? I want to start making some with GIMP as soon as possible. Can't rely on others to do dirty work all the time!


I now get to explain to people about having voices in my head at work, thanks to the new headsets 50% of the staff have to wear. There was no buffering period either, but I swear I'll get used to it! I saw a former coworker after my shift the other day. :>

CoX is still going relatively well since I'm active on two servers (Tri and Virtue). No luck on the Trisortion yet and it's a game of tag to get into the SG I want on Virtue, but I'm not giving up. 8 characters now in total, but when does it turn into an alt-syndrome?

Enough talking for now.